YEECHUN US Keyboard Without Frame for HP Pavilion 250 G3,255 G3,250 G2,255 G2 15-A 15-D 15-E 15-F 15-H 15-G 15-N 15-R 15-S e066 e042 e064 e041 e065 Series P/N: V140502AS1, PK1314D2A00, SPS-749658001

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Product SKU: 5SVPJ5W60B

Compatible: HP Pavilion 250 G3,255 G3,250 G2,255 G2 HP Pavilion 15-A Series: HP Pavilion 15-a003sa, 15-a003sf, 15-a006sf, 15-a007sf HP Pavilion 15-D Series: HP Pavilion 15-d017cl, 15-d018ss, 15-d020la, 15-d000; HP Pavilion 15-E Series: HP Pavilion 15-e000, 15-e100 HP Pavilion 15-F Series: HP Pavilion 15-F001xx, 15-F003dx, 15-F004dx, 15-F004wm, 15-F008cl, 15-F009ca, 15-F009wm, 15-F010dx, 15-F010wm, 15-F011nr, 15-F014wm, 15-F018ca, 15-F018dx, 15-F019dx, 15-F023cl, 15-F023wm, 15-F024wm, 15-F027ca, 15-F033wm, 15-F039wm, 15-F048ca, 15-F059wm,15-F085wm, 15-F097nr, 15-F098nr, 15-F100dx, 15-F110ca, 15-F111dx, 15-F113ca, 15-F125wm, 15-F128ca, 15-F133ca, 15-F162dx, 15-F199nr, 15-F205dx, 15-F209wm, 15-F210ca, 15-F211wm HP Pavilion 15-H Series: HP Pavilion 15-h000no, 15-h000sb, 15-h000sd, 15-h000sf, 15-h000sg, 15-h000ss, 15-h001no, 15-h002ss, 15-h003sf, 15-h003ss, 15-h005la, 15-h006la, 15-h007la, 15-h011sa, 15-h019ns, 15-h020ns, 15-h023sg, 15-h039sg, 15-h049no, 15-h050ng, 15-h050ns HP Pavilion 15-G Series: HP Pavilion 15-g006ax, 15-g011ca, 15-g014dx, 15-g018dx, 15-g019wm, 15-g029ca, 15-g029wm, 15-g030no, 15-g030so, 15-g031cy, 15-g227ca, 15-g247ca, 15-g501nc, 15-g503nc, 15-g505nc; HP Pavilion 15-N Series: HP Pavilion 15-n000, 15-n100, 15-n200; HP Pavilion 15-R Series: HP Pavilion 15-r000 HP Pavilion 15-S Series: HP Pavilion 15-s006sz, 15-s006tu, 15-s007nf, 15-s007tu, 15-s100ng, 15-s101nl, 15-s103tx, 15-s104nz, 15-s106nf, 15-s107na, 15-s109ng, 15-s120ng, 15-s000, 15-s000sg, 15-s000so, 15-s002nf, 15-s003nf, 15-s003tx, 15-s004nf, 15-s004tu, 15-s004tx, 15-s005sz, 15-s005tu, 15-s005tx, 15-s006nz, 15-s006sz, 15-s006tu, 15-s007nf, 15-s007tu, 15-s100ng, 15-s101nl, 15-s103tx, 15-s104nz, 15-s106nf, 15-s107na HP Pavilion 15-T Series: HP Pavilion 15t-n200 Feature Edition: US Layout Remark: Ribbon cable included
Features :
-Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
-YEECHUN Brand Certified: 180 days warranty.If you have any issue with the item, please contact us at your free time.
-Compatible: HP Pavilion 15-A, 15-D, 15-E, 15-F, 15-H, 15-G, 15-N, 15-R, 15-S, 15-T Series.15-a007sz, 15-d100, 15-exxx, 15-F337wm,15-F355nr,15-F387wm, 15-F240ca,15-F272wm,15-F305dx,15-F337nr, 15-F215dx, 15-F233wm, 15-h051ns, 15-h090sg, 15-g000, 15-g100, 15-g200, 15-n300, 15-r100, 15-s109ng, 15-s120ng, 15t-r100
-Quality Item: All the items are TESTED before shipping.
-Warranty: Comes with a 6-month worry-free warranty.
-What You Get: A Brand New Keyboard and Ribbon Cable.

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